3 Biggest PPC Advertising Myths Debunked

PPC Advertising

PPC AdvertisingPPC advertising offers one of the most profitable and rewarding returns for any online venture. Owing to its ever-evolving and complex nature, however, PPC breeds many misconceptions that can send your marketing plans awry. Cut to the chase. Here are some of the most common PPC myths that you should take note of:

High Placement Means Maximum Profit

Far from it. Many businesses think that seeing their keywords on top is best, only to realize that a mere top position isn’t the only factor to affect conversions. C1-partners.com and other digital marketing experts say that conversions are a combination of many different factors like effective copywriting and positive brand value.

Optimize campaigns to get your ads in front of your audience for the best possible price without vying for the top position. Google will adjust your Quality Score (QS) when you bag a decreased CTR in a lower position. There’s no need to worry about the CTR affecting your QS when you go lower than the top position. Focus on optimizing conversions and don’t be swayed by the metrics of top placements.

PPC is Costly

This is another well-fed myth. Most paid advertising services allow you to fix a monthly budget of your choice. Your overall campaign expenditure does not have to go beyond budget, as the ads will only feature until your budget permits. You can create great campaigns even with a small budget if you target the right keywords and make the most of your landing pages for conversions.

Aiming For High Click through Rates

Many dreamy eyed marketers get into PPC with the goal of getting high click-through rates. Of course, a high CTR is good news, but it isn’t the same as high conversions. You should be aiming for better user engagement and high conversions over mere clicks. The experience of any user once they click on the ad is crucial. You want your audience to convert and become loyal buyers.

PPC advertising can be tricky and intimidating to newcomers, since it involves complex metrics and competitive strategy planning. An experienced digital marketing company can offer you expert insider guidance on how to get the PPC game right and skyrocket your business to the next level.