3 Car Parts That Need Replacement After a Few Years

Car PartsCar parts don’t last forever, so you have to know when they usually need replacement so you won’t have to deal with bigger damages or unfortunate accidents. It’s a great idea to have a calendar or reminders for when your car parts need replacement. This will help you prepare the money to purchase a new car part. To help you out, here are some of the most common parts of your car that needs replacement.

Fuel Filter

The fuel filter continues to work as long as the fuel pump is working. Thus, this car part is prone to getting clogged with impurities. Over time, you need to replace your fuel filter to maximize fuel efficiency and avoid other problems. This is a technical replacement, so consulting your technician is necessary. Be sure to replace the fuel filter every 24,000 miles or two years.


First, you should know how to take proper care of your battery so it can last for four to five years. If you don’t know how to maintain your battery, it may get discharged and get a shorter lifespan. The two things you need to do are keep the terminals clean and always check the charging system. When replacement season comes, you need to buy a battery that matches your car’s specs.


Tires can last for six to ten years depending on the brand, model, and your driving habits. However, it’s better to buy spare parts so you can always have a reserved tire ready for emergency purposes, according to K.D. Auto Spares. You’ll never know when you can get a flat tire, so take this precaution seriously. Signs of tire aging include tattered suspension components, improper inflation, and worn-down appearance.

Car parts naturally need replacement in time, including other ones like brakes, coolant, air filter, engine belts, spark plugs, timing belts, and more. Be watchful about necessary car part replacements to avoid further damages.