3 Must-Have Items in Your Car’s Emergency Kit

First Aid KitBeing safe on the road extends beyond keeping to your lanes, following at a distance, and obeying traffic lights. It also includes having the right supplies for any arising emergencies.

Road accidents, as unfortunate as they are, are common occurrences on the road and can happen to anyone at any time. Although you might do all your best to avoid a getting into an accident, the other drivers on the road might not share your safety enthusiasm, or your car might break down. Therefore, you need to ensure the safety of your vehicle and passengers on the road by cutting down the time you spend waiting for help in case of breakdown.

However, in addition to driving safely, you should have a fully stocked emergency kit in the car. Towing company 131 Tow lists some crucial things you need to have in the kit, every time you leave the house.

A Fully Charged Mobile Phone

Although smartphones are stylish and pack a host of cool, useful features, they quickly run out of charge. Rather than take chances, keep a simple phone with a long lasting battery in the emergency kit. In the case of an electrical failure, you cannot rely on the car’s system to recharge your phone.

A First Aid Kit

Band-Aids, adhesive tapes, bandages, antiseptic ointments, and cream are some of the items to keep in the first aid of your car. Keeping spare medication such as inhalers and insulin in the kits ensures fast access in addition to never running out in the case of need.

Jumper Cables

Although a flat battery can be a major inconvenience, you can easily solve this problem by carrying a pair of jumper cables. So if your car fails to start, you can hook your flat battery to a friend or colleague’s car and be on your way.

Having a fully stocked emergency kit in your vehicle is of paramount importance in the event of a vehicle breakdown or a traffic accident. Take note these reminders and you’ll save yourself and other people a lot of trouble in emergency situations.