3 Reasons Authoritarian Parenting Does More Harm than Good


parentingEvery parent has their distinct parenting style. Science agrees to this, as there are four known parenting styles to date. There is, indeed, a need to instil some discipline among children. But, how exactly should you do it? For some, the answer is to go all authoritarian on their kids.

Hopefully, this isn’t your approach to children, because apparently, this style does more harm than good. The folks at BethesdaCounselling.com.au say it’s because of these reasons:

It Fosters Aggression

First, authoritarian parents establish a more aggressive atmosphere at home. Parents order their kids around; if the young ones don’t follow, a punishment is in order.

This brand of negativity is something children absorb, especially at a young age. Thus, it’s possible that they might mirror the same aggression they see at home in social settings. Ergo, your kid may resort to bullying.

It Lacks Compassion

An authoritarian approach to parenting lacks the warmth and care children want from their folks. For children going through their formative years, this coldness and lack of compassion may resonate in their behaviour, especially with other people. The style also deprives them of the tender loving care they need in their early years.

It Uses Fear

Lastly, this style makes fear as the primary way to deal with problems. For example, if a kid misbehaves, the parent threatens the child with a punishment. Whilst actions have consequences, the frequent use of fear leads to blind obedience. Moreover, they might think it’s the right thing to do when someone is weaker or in a lower position than them.

Don’t misinterpret this article; fear could be apt and necessary in certain situations. Nonetheless, using it as the main tool in disciplining a child has its negative developmental effects.

With these reasons, it’s clear that the long-term negative effects of authoritarian parenting outweigh its so-called short-term benefits. In the end, it’s still best for parents to nurture and discipline their children with the right dose of love, not just plain military-like discipline.

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