3 Reasons Your Back Causes Pain

Chiropractors in Eagan, MNYou go through your day like normal and then suddenly, it hits you. A jolt of pain stings you from your back and you spend the rest of the day in utter discomfort. You start worrying about what this may lead to. This is the point where you should stop worrying for a while. Relax, you’ll be fine.

Back pain is annoying, but it is something you can avoid if you know why it brings you pain in the first place. MartyChiroClinic.com and chiropractors in Eagan, MN say there are various reasons for back pain, but commonly, it stems from these three:

Bad Posture

The way you position yourself affects the condition of your back. You have to follow the natural groove of your spine, regardless of your position. Whether you’re sitting in front of your desk or walking to get coffee, you should keep your head level with your back. Stand or sit straight.

Lack of Movement

Staying in a single position for too long may cause back pain. If you do nothing but sit around for eight hours straight, it is natural for your back to experience a little more tension than usual. The same thing happens if you’re standing all the time. Your body needs some sort of variety in your positions, so move from time to time. Don’t work for long hours without going on a break or two. Change your position every now and then. Stand up and take a short walk before going back to work.


Another common cause is because of muscle or ligament strain. Any taxing physical activity may result in back pain if done incorrectly. You have to ensure good posture so your lower back would not hurt, especially when lifting something heavy.

These are the typical causes of back pain, but do know that back pain may also indicate a serious condition. It is best to talk to a chiropractor to find out what is truly wrong with your back and ensure you can go through the day pain-free.