3 Things to Think of When Adding a New Storey to Your Home

Two Storey HomesChoosing to add another storey to your current home is a good alternative to buying a new and bigger home when you need more living space. Sometimes, you need more rooms to make way for a new member of the family, but you don’t want to go through the time-consuming process of finding a new home. If you’re leaning towards adding a second storey to your home instead, here are some things you must keep in mind to make sure it goes well.

Hire the Right Builder

All builders are experienced and well-versed with any type of construction, but they do have something they specialise in. Instead of hiring builders with more experience in new homes, renovations, repairs, or room additions, you must hire someone with a specialisation in second storey additions. This will help you have more peace of mind about the construction project. Ask your friends or colleagues for referrals and conduct one-on-one interviews to be sure about the builder you’ll hire.

Be Careful with the Stairs

Make sure the stairs that connect the two storeys are situated in an area that is convenient for everyone. The stairs design should complement other design elements and make the house feel more connected, according to Active Metal. The kitchen or the living room is great areas to place the stairs.

Think about the Additional Rooms

Maximise the additional living space by making sure the rooms you’ll build are very functional for your plans. Think about the number of kids you ultimately want to have and make the rooms ready to be converted into a nursery if necessary. You can also transfer the master bedroom from the first storey to the second to make it more spacious and elegant. A guest room, home office, home gym, and recreation room are great room additions as well.

Follow these tips and you’ll surely enjoy your two storey home without experiencing any hassle.