4 Factors That Make a Corporate Challenge Effective and Successful

Business Employees

Business EmployeesA workplace should not just be all about work-related duties and responsibilities. This is a reason you need an HR team that focuses on improving employee engagement. Some corporate challenges you may try doing for your company include sports events, wellness programs, volunteering opportunities, and team building activities.

Human Outsource shares the four factors you need to mind when planning your activity:


The first question your HR team should brainstorm about is, “What essential value can this event develop in employees?” This is important, as you will be spending time, money, and effort in the activity. This will also give employees more reasons to participate in corporate activities.


Another question to ask is, “What personal incentives would encourage employees to participate in this challenge or program?” Let’s face it — more people will simply be interested if there’s a reward. Monetary incentive is the easiest and most effective way you can boost employee participation. Other options include an extra leave credit, gift certificates, vouchers, or merchandise. The bigger the challenge is, the bigger the incentive should be.


“How can I show interested employees that I fully support this move?” is another question that you need to address. The more supportive you are about a project, the more interest people will show. Senior staff, management, and executives must show enthusiasm to encourage their staff to participate.


“What need am I fulfilling by spearheading this event?” That’s a question that needs a clear answer from the get go, so everyone involved will have the same goals. For example, a call to volunteer means there’s a cause behind the activity.

Corporate activities and challenges require proper planning and thorough handling to achieve the best results and make the most of company resources. Hire the best HR personnel to have peace of mind about every activity in your company.