4 Myths About Electricity that could Endanger Your Life

Myths About ElectricityElectricity is one of the necessities people cannot live without. It can also be a dangerous hazard if it's not handled with care, but some people think they do, but they actually don't, owing to wrong beliefs. The following are four wrong beliefs about electricity that can endanger your life:

1. All power lines are insulated.

This is not true. In fact, over 80% of power lines are not insulated. Just because they have a coating does not mean they are insulated. You will get electrocuted if you come in contact with such a wire. Even the insulated wires are not safe, especially after different weather conditions have taken a toll on them. This is why Engineering Supplies notes that specialised items like heat shrink tubing and others should be applied by an electrician or equivalent professional when altering circuits or electrical lines.

2. Household rubber gloves are perfect insulators.

This is a dangerous belief because these gloves are not entirely made of rubber. They are mixed with other substances that can be good conductors and, therefore, will expose you to the electrical current leading to an electric shock. The same applies to rubber shoes, they are also not entirely safe. Don't walk around with rubber shoes like you are Superman because you will be in for a rude shock – pun intended!

3. Wood is an excellent insulator.

This may come as a surprise to you but wood is actually a conductor. Wood may not be able to conduct low-voltage power, but high-voltage power will not have a problem travelling through wood. Moreover, if the wood is in contact with water or moisture then it can perfectly conduct even low-voltage power. 

4. Tires can protect you from electrocution.

This is a myth that is propagated by Hollywood movies and TV shows. There are people who have been protected from electrocution while electrical power ravaged their vehicle with sparks. These stories are true but it's not the tires that are keeping them safe. It's because power follows the path of least resistance and will, therefore, travel through the outside part of the car body and ultimately reach the ground.

Every useful thing comes with its own demerits. It's important to be careful at all times when dealing with electricity. Don't handle what you are not sure of. Be safe at home!