4 Tips for Maximising Natural Light in Your Home

natural light passing through a window

Natural light is one of the most significant factors to consider when planning a home. That’s why choosing the right windows and doors that will naturally let the light pass is important in countries such as Singapore.

Sufficient natural light in a house effectively reduces electric bills, affects your mood, and even improves the condition of the space. Here are some home design tips that will help you maximise the natural light.

1. Add windows

Adding new windows can help introduce natural light into your home. It’ll also help increase the quality of air circulation in a certain space. However, you have to carefully consider adding new windows since you’ll partially be destroying a porting of your walls to install one.

2. Balance light sources

Ensure that sunlight enters from at least one other direction of the room. The natural light coming from only one side produces a glare effect which darkens the back of the room. Place your light sources as high as possible to create an illusion.

Also try using mirrors to reflect natural light. Using wall-mounted mirrors also act as a great focal point for your home.

3. Control light

Consider installing trellises and louvres outside while putting shades and blinds inside. Installing these things can help you control the light that’s coming in. Meanwhile, open-weave shades help you diffuse light while using blinds help you regulate the light’s angle.

4. Choose the right kind of floor

A hard floor with a polished finish will help bounce light around the room. It can also add a bit of class to your house. If you really want to put in some carpet, try installing it into the wooden floor to give light some place to bounce off.

Natural light can also make your home appear bigger. That’s why it’s important to know how to utilise the natural light that’s coming into your home.

These are just some of the tips on how to improve the natural light in your home. Keep in mind that natural light plays an important role in your home’s overall aesthetics. That’s why you have to consider how to play with it to enhance your home’s interior.