5 Impurities in Your Carpet That Need to Get Cleaned

Carpet with liquid damage

In almost every household, there’s normally a carpet on the floor or a variation thereof. Without carpets, your home would be much dirtier because you’d have nothing to wipe your shoes on. While carpets absorb dirt and other impurities, it could become a cesspool of stinky bacteria if left uncleaned.

Whether your carpet cleaning here in South Jordan, UT or Los Angeles, CA, make sure to clean it to get rid of the following impurities periodically.

1. Molds from Water Damage

Water damage happens when furniture suffers exposure to dirty water that could leak or flood into homes. Once the floodwater wets wooden furniture or textiles like curtains and carpets, the moisture could cause molds to grow on them.

2. Pet Stains

Dogs, cats or any other domesticated animal might urinate or defecate on carpets if they aren’t toilet-trained yet. Not only would this stain your carpets with pee or poop, but it would also leave an odorous smell as well.

3. Beverage Spills

While spills could happen anywhere in the house, they could be a hassle to clean once they stain your carpet. Beverages or fluids like coffee, wine, or chocolate might leave noticeable stains due to their color.

4. Dirt from Shoes

Dirt from shoes is another common factor of soiled carpets. People every day usually wipe their shoes on carpets before entering their home, and over time, this could cause a buildup of dried impurities in the carpet.

5. Rust from Furniture

For carpets placed under metal appliances or furniture, the rust from these objects could appear as a stain on the carpet. Once this happens, an expert would have to clean the carpet because rust stains are hard to remove.

In conclusion, carpets are essential household parts that need routine cleaning. Doing so will remove dirt and odor caused by pet stains, beverage spills, molds, and such. With a carpet cleaning team, indoor cleanliness for your home will be a hassle-free task.