A Gastronomic Journey: Indonesia’s Mouth-Watering Cuisine

Food Journey in Indonesia

Food Journey in IndonesiaIndonesian food focuses on the flavour of fresh herbs and spices — which explains why their meals are so flavourful and mouth-watering. So, before you end your trip in Singapore and jump aboard a ferry to Batam Island, WOW Getaways suggests indulging your palates with Indonesia’s fine cuisines. Here’s a list to get your tummy started.

1. Sate Kambing or Sate Ayam (Satay)

Although you can find different kinds of sate in Southeast Asia, nothing compares to Indonesian sate. The most common varieties are sate ayam (chicken sate) and sate kambing (goat sate). Indonesians marinate the meat in sweet kecap manis soy sauce before skewering it. They then grill the skewers of meat on a hot charcoal fire, leaving it smoky and juicy.

2. Sate Padang (Padang Satay)

Sate Padang has its own distinct and delicious taste. The meat skewers, which usually consists of offal, beef tongue and beef pieces, are soaked in different spices. The locals then grill it on flaming charcoal and serve it over a ketupat, which is a sliced-up compressed rice cake. Afterwards, the locals will cover it in a thick brown sauce and sprinkle it with crispy shallots. The result might not look appealing, but the taste more than makes up for it.

3. Pepe (Herbal Packet)

Pepe is just like the Thai dish called aeb. This meal contains a mixture of tofu or meat and fish combined with plenty of spices and herbs. Indonesians then wrap it in a banana leaf package before they grill or steam it. Other versions consist of chicken, mushroom mixed with lemon basil, candlenut, turmeric, chilies, garlic and shallots.

Any journey wouldn’t be complete without a thorough exploration of the dishes that make Indonesia what it is. So, go ahead. Take a bite and fully immerse yourself in the local culture.