AC Dilemma: Should You Turn it On During Winter?

Air Conditioner

As New Zealand continues to experience the season’s cold days, many property owners are wondering whether they should turn on their air-conditioning units or not. Given that it’s winter, who would want to turn on a device that could make the room’s temperature even colder?

Here’s what residential and commercial air conditioning installation experts have to say:

Air ConditionerHelping Medical Conditions

Dr. Al Rizzo, a senior medical advisor at the American Lung Association, says that changes in air quality can cause people with lung problems to have flare-ups. Air conditioners don’t only promote cool temperature, but regulate the air quality inside any room. All you need is to set the temperature control to heat. If your unit doesn’t have that option, you can set the thermostat.

Indoor pollution could still take place during winter season, as pollutants could remain in the air for weeks. People with asthma and other lung conditions could benefit from having their air conditioning turned on despite the cold season.

Dehumidifying Your Indoors

There’s a common misconception that cold temperature — the use of air conditioning, especially during winter — can make you more prone to sickness. This isn’t true. Air conditioners may contribute to the dehydration of the nose’s mucous membrane, but only if you turn it on to the coldest level. It’s possible to prevent viral infection if you set your unit’s temperature correctly.

An article on WebMD noted that cold-causing viruses thrive when humidity is low. The ideal time to turn on your unit is when the windows are fogging up and when you’re starting to feel uncomfortable with the air you breathe.

It’s best to remember that air conditioning units aren’t only for cooling. That’s one of their features, but they can still do other things to help residential and commercial property owners. As such, it’s important to be informed of its use during winter.

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