Acupuncture Treatment: How Effective is this Method in Treating Infertility?

Acupuncture aid

Infertility occurs due to many reasons, so the treatments may also be varied. If you’re experiencing this problem, one treatment you may want to try is acupuncture. Acupuncture has been successful in treating infertility causes like hypothyroidism (under-functioning of the thyroid) and hyperthyroidism (over-functioning of the thyroid). It also helps in the proper functioning of ovaries and follicles; thereby, regularising the menstrual cycles. Although it may not help clear blocked tubes, it does help de-spasm them. Acupuncture can also increase the blood flow to endometrium that helps in facilitating a rich and thick lining. To learn more about this treatment, here’s a brief discussion from Fertile Concepts:

Acupuncture aid

Herbal Treatments

Most fertility treatments that involve acupuncture also combine a few herbal treatments. You can use these combinations in treating elevated follicle stimulating hormone, unexplained infertility, hyperprolactinemia, luteal phase defect, polycystic ovaries and repeated pregnancy loss. It can also help men who have problems like sperm-DNA-fragmentation. In addition, it improves the quality and count of sperm in men.

Flow of Energy

The basic theory that acupuncturists believe is that the vital energy or chi flows throughout the system along a few pathways. This energy is balanced and health is restored through the stimulation of certain points along these pathways by using thin needles. This is an age-old treatment and has been prove effective in treating different ailments. Some studies have even confirmed that acupuncture has helped women who have undergone IVF treatments for fertility. Such treatments have been effective when taken 3 to 4 months before insemination. In addition, it has improved the blood flow to their uterus and has relaxed their muscle tissues, giving a better chance for their embryos to implant.

Safety First

Although acupuncture involves the insertion of thin needles, this treatment has been declared safe. But, in case of fertility treatments, look for certified acupuncturists who have had experience in treating infertility. There are certain points where needles should not be inserted after the insemination procedure, such as the gallbladder, large intestine, stomach, bladder and spleen. Experience acupuncturists are the only ones who can treat infertility issues through this method. Incorrect acupuncture points, if used during pregnancy, may even increase the risk of miscarriage.