Alcohol: The Most Destructive Substance

Alcohol Abuse

Although it has been the product of many studies done worldwide, the fact that alcohol is considered the most dangerous substance still surprises a lot of people. Alcohol is the most widely abused substance because it is legal in most parts of the globe. This is ironically why it is also the deadliest, most socially-destructive amongst all the drugs that you can think of.

Alcohol is Here to Stay — Legally

It has been instilled in our cultures for hundreds of years, up to the point that having alcohol — whether for celebrating good times or mourning over a bad experience — is considered normal. Rarely are there countries where alcoholic drinks are banned, and most of them are Muslim countries. In all others, alcohol is barely controlled, making it the most common reason for adverse behavioral effects. Fortunately, alcohol and drug addiction recovery is within reach through different institutions and rehabilitation centers like

Alcohol is Widely Abused by Minors

While there are special regulations that are implemented to temporarily control or prohibit alcohol consumption among minors, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that it is the most commonly abused substance among underage individuals. In fact, the age group 12-20 years old accounts for 11% of the total alcohol consumption in the US.

Alcohol Affects Physical and Social Health

Not only does alcohol consumption and abuse cause various deadly illnesses, such as heart disease and cancer. It also impairs your ability to control your emotions and behavior. In fact, alcohol abuse has been linked to higher divorce rates in the country.

This is exactly why there are rehab centers for alcohol and drug addiction recovery within and outside Salt Lake City — to help, not only individuals, but families as well, in saving their lives and marriages from complete destruction due to alcoholism.