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rimsFuchs rims are an exclusive brand of rims that Porsche uses, which is now over 50 years old. The Fuchs, which was German for “fox”, began because a new Porsche vehicle, the 911, required a forged wheel that combined durability with light weight.

The success of the Fuchs rims on the Porsche line prompted a series production. The Fuchsfelge now offers several configurations of these wheels in different sizes, from 15 inches to 19 inches. The distinguishing look of a Fuchs rim is the “black star”. Fuchs wheels have polished rims in the foreground and the background in black, although today some Fuchs rims have all-black paint.

Look at the history of how Fuchs rims came to be standard issue for Porsche luxury cars.

Need for Speed

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche came up with type 911 in 1962. This new type was a departure from Porsche’s previous models, so it required a newer kind of wheel and wheelbase.

This new type was what would later become the Fuchs rims. At that time, Porsche engineers were unable to design a rim that Ferdinand Alexander Porsche wanted. Cast aluminum, which they used at the time, was inadequate for the new car. This was when he approached Otto Fuchs to design the wheel.

Otto Fuchs and the Birth of the Fuchs Wheels

Porsche wanted a wheel with good quality, durability, new dimensions and visually arresting. In response, Otto Fuchs developed the first forged-alloy wheel, the Fuchs rim, because only an aluminum alloy contained all the properties that Porsche wanted.

The popularity of the Fuchs rims was so strong that Porsche incorporated the Fuchs rims as standard issue for later sports cars.

The performance of the Fuchs wheels prompted other vehicle companies, such as Volkswagen and Lamborghini, to incorporate forged wheels based on the Fuchs design during the 70s and 80s. Nowadays, The Fuchsfelge, the originator of Fuchs rims, now sells Fuchs designs in different configurations with modern improvements.

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