An Impressive Benefit of Home Insulation You Should Know Now

Builder Installing Insulating Board Into Roof Of House

You most likely know that insulation is one of your home’s most important building materials. You have a basic understanding of how it helps maintain indoor temperature and climate at optimal levels, and how it aids in the regulation of heat and cold inside your home.

However, many homeowners often overlook several other benefits of a properly insulated home. One of these is savings from reduced energy consumption.

This is especially true when you work with reliable Kansas City spray insulation contractors, as they will make certain not only that the materials are of top quality, but also that the application itself meets industry standards.

Reducing heating and cooling expenses

Without barriers, such as insulation and sealants, you can lose as much as 35% of heat through the walls, 25% through windows and doors, another 25% through the attic, and 15% through the floors.

And during the summer season, an unprotected house can suffer from massive heat gains, making the inside of the building feel extremely warm, even to the point of being oven-like hot.

Whenever these happen, occupants tend to set their heater’s or AC’s thermostat higher or lower, in the hopes of making things more comfortable. Not only does this do not work; it also makes the space heater/cooler work harder and consume more energy.

A strong and effective heat loss/gain barrier

Since insulation is one of the most effective barriers for heat losses/gains, you can avoid all the aforementioned consequences.

You can keep indoor climate at optimal levels, whatever season it is, and since you do not have to rely excessively on your heater or air conditioning, you can cut back on your energy bills.

The sooner you have your home insulated, the sooner you can say goodbye to higher than necessary utility bills while still enjoying utmost indoor comfort.