Avoid These Ruinous Habits That Damage Your Teeth

Pieces of tooth

It takes more than brushing your teeth twice in a day and flossing at least once a day to get that dazzling smile, explains Mahoney Family Dentistry, a South Bend teeth whitening expert. While excellent oral routine is key to keeping your pearly whites clean and healthy, it is only half the battle.

You need to feed and nourish your teeth to keep them healthy and strong in addition to avoiding ruinous habits. You also need to shed a few bad habits that may appear harmless but are totally ruinous to your teeth.

Using your teeth as tools

It is a shame really, that with all the tools available some people defer to their teeth as their go tool when they need to crack open a bottle. Sure, it might give you some bragging rights among your buddies. But, do you know how much damage that action inflicts on your teeth?

See, the protective enamel on the teeth chirps and cracks when you bite into hard substances. While the damage might be minimal, it opens an entire can of worms. The microbes in your mouth move into the cracks, producing corrosive acids that erode the now susceptible enamel coating.

Left unattended, the dents grow into large cavities that increase the risk of tooth loss.

Whitening too often

It is only natural that you’d wish to sport a lovely superstar smile, but you really need be smart about it. You need not and should not try every whitening product on the market. Otherwise, you are likely to inflict severe damage on your teeth.

Instead of going for a home whitening kit, consult a dentist, as they’ll administer a treatment that’ll keep your teeth sparking for a year or two. Too many whitening sessions can increase tooth sensitivity, damage your gums and ruin the color of your teeth.

A healthy oral care routine is essential to keeping your pearly whites clean and sparkling. For the best results, you also need to avoid a host of other habits that are ruinous to your teeth.