The Basic Principles of Residential Landscape Design

residential estate

residential estateResidential landscaping in Perth has developed to a degree where it provides maximum aesthetic value and great visual beauty. To get the favourable result, local residential landscaping needs careful planning, especially in terms of the fundamental design.
Landscape architecture firm TDL explains that a design is more effective when it mixes functionality with aesthetics proportionally. Its wake, symmetry, proportion, harmony and unity in the basic design are the common factors that designers combine.

Unity is the basic catchphrase for effective landscape design and can be achieved by using all materials consistently. The overall colour scheme or theme may be inspired by a particular era for instance and this results in harmony through the elements.

Both non-plant and plant elements in the basic design help achieve unity by mixing colours, texture, size and height through natural blending. Plant grouping helps achieve unity easily and selecting consistent plants of equal shape and size throughout the landscape is important.

Accurate Colour Scheme

Using appropriate colours is absolutely mandatory for an effective landscape design. The chosen colours determine the overall landscape theme, atmosphere or mood. Warm colours like yellow, red and orange are more prominent; cooler shades like green, blue and purple have a tendency of blending into the background. By mixing textures and colours, you can highlight areas you want to be more attractive.

Enhanced Designs

Lines provide the required flow or direction throughout the landscape. Curved or circular lines result in a smoother and graceful feels while, straight lines are responsible for giving a more powerful structure to the landscape. Lines can be depicted in walkways and the placement of plants. Shrubs with thick textures help soften sharp edges of garden landscapes.

Right Symmetry

Proportion is another mandatory element of professional landscape design. This design aspect concerns the relation that elements have with each other in terms of size, height and length. This needs careful planning even though proportions are changeable through the addition of elements with varying proportions.

A good landscape design increases any property’s value and makes it a much more appealing and functional space. Planning out your landscape design carefully enables you to get its maximum form and function in a very cost-effective way.

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