The Best Interior Painters: Finding the Right Person for the Job

Newly-painted room

Finding a good worker to paint your house is fairly simple and easy. It’s similar to locating a good contractor for any construction or repair work. The most effective resource is the referral method.

Referrals are those precious tools that all good professionals covet and treasure. Recommendations from customers, stating that these workers are excellent with paint and can do both interiors and exteriors, are prized possessions indeed.

Apart from referrals, you can also find trustworthy painting professionals through a number of service companies in Western Australia, which deal exclusively with experts in paints. Some companies also have websites that act like a contract network. These sites allow individuals to find reliable and good people who work on painting houses. This service is free of charge.

Newly-painted room

When looking for the best interior house painter, go through the usual set of preliminary questioning before making your final choice:

  • Check if they have enough experience in the kind of work you’d like from them.
  • True professionals have the necessary certifications and insurance for the job. So check if they have the documents.
  • The insurance cover should include coverage of liability in case of an injury.
  • Professionals should be members of a national contractors association. This is an indication that they follow a strict code of conduct.
  • Hire professionals who will be responsible for the work themselves. They shouldn’t sub-contract the job to someone else. They can be responsible for accidents, breakage or any mistakes during the course of the painting project.
  • They should also be courteous, prompt in returning calls, provide timely estimates, and be genial to work with.
  • If you’re satisfied with all their credentials, ask for at least three referrals and check out at least one portfolio of the contractor’s work.
  • Short list at least three candidates and ask for quotes and estimates. Remember, a high estimate doesn’t necessarily imply a good job. But a low-contracting estimate might mean they’re cutting corners. They may even be skimping on the quality of the materials.

Give the final candidate a tour of the house. Explain everything he needs to know, from the choice of colours to the texture. The contract should include prep details, methods of protecting plants and furniture, length of the project, and the bottom line cost.