Broken Dentures and Why You Shouldn’t DIY Them

Denture Repair in Mesa

Denture Repair in MesaHaving broken dentures sucks. After all, you had them made so you can have teeth in place of your real, broken teeth. Sometimes, you might get tempted to fix the dentures on your own, but guess what? That just won’t do any good. Why? Well, here’s what you need to know.

You can’t just superglue it

If your dentures are broken, make sure to get the dentures repaired in Mesa, AZ clinic. Don’t think that you can just bind your dentures and make them feel like new with superglue alone, mostly because superglue is not recommended to attach to any part of the body — especially the teeth. Superglue releases acetic acid and formaldehyde, among others, to bind things — and those are definitely substances you wouldn’t want on or near your body in any way.

It might not fit perfectly if you fix it on your own

Another reason why you should seek the help of a professional is because you wouldn’t want to wear dentures that are ill-fitting, and seem as if they’re meant for other people. That would be such a no-no. Attempting to fix those dentures on your own might just end up in them bending in the wrong manner, and of course, that would be uncomfortable in your mouth.

Broken dentures may cause oral and dental problems

And, one of the worst things that can happen if you wouldn’t have those dentures fixed by a professional is that it might provide you with more problems in the future — such as bacterial infections, sore throat, and damaged teeth.

By getting your dentures fixed, you won’t only improve your smile, you can also improve your dental health.