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man spraying pest control formula in a small cabinet At Your Service

Tips in Choosing a Termite Control Company

There a few things more annoying than a home infested by termites. Not only are they an incredible destroyer of property, but they also pose serious health threats for you and your loved ones. When pests become out of control,…

Nurse with an old lady At Your Service

Caregiver Burnout: When Caregivers Need Care Too

Care giving is arguably the most rewarding and fulfilling, because behind every happy and healthy elderly is a family caregiver who enabled them to be. But the reality of care giving is much more than a picture of a joyful,…

Carpet with liquid damage At Your Service

5 Impurities in Your Carpet That Need to Get Cleaned

In almost every household, there’s normally a carpet on the floor or a variation thereof. Without carpets, your home would be much dirtier because you’d have nothing to wipe your shoes on. While carpets absorb dirt and other impurities, it…

a woman watching a person fixing a refrigerator At Your Service

4 Ways to Prevent Your Fridge from Malfunctioning

Your refrigerator is probably one of the most expensive and important appliances you have at home. It keeps your food safe and fresh, which is essential for your family’s nourishment. When something bad happens to your fridge, it’ll put everyone’s…

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A Practical Guide to Types of Hair Thinning Shears

After a full hair treatment at the salon or barbershop, you suddenly realise you still have some bumpy and bulky hair in areas where you do not want them. This is where hairdressing thinning shears or scissors come in handy….