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A Practical Guide to Types of Hair Thinning Shears

After a full hair treatment at the salon or barbershop, you suddenly realise you still have some bumpy and bulky hair in areas where you do not want them. This is where hairdressing thinning shears or scissors come in handy….

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Is Recycling Worth It?

For decades, people have become more aware of the collective pressure that we are placing on the earth’s resources. Communities around the world have all kinds of ways to recycle paper and other resources such as aluminium, glass and plastic….

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Cybersecurity Spending to Increase in 2018

Countries like Australia may spend $3.8 billion to improve its cybersecurity efforts, as it ranks second among 25 countries in the Asia-Pacific region as the best in online security. Research firm Gartner said that the estimated budget in 2018 represents…