Dentist holding teeth model with dental implant Health

The Nitty Gritty of Tooth Loss

There’s been a head-to-head collision between shirt no 8 and shirt no 6. Blood’s going everywhere, and the pitch is in uproar. The hockey ref is charging across the field, to the hockey champs on hands and knees looking for…

Woman undergoing tooth extraction Health

Preparation for Undergoing Wisdom Tooth Removal

An impacted wisdom tooth can be annoying and painful. This is the main reason many people undergo the procedure, knowing that this tooth is vestigial and that they can live without it. Undergoing a procedure, however, is often thought of…

How air pollution can affect your hair and scalp Health

What Can Air Pollution Do to the Hair and Scalp?

Switzerland may mean the gorgeous Alps, but the country struggles with air pollution. Studies deem it responsible for over 4,500 deaths annually. The problem is at its worse in urban areas. In these cities, about 85% of the population is…