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What All Grandparents Must Know About Their Visitation Rights

Majority of grandparents want nothing more than to spend more time to care for their grandchildren. But when estrangement, divorce, or death happens, grandparents might find that they don’t have inherent visitation rights to their grandchildren. They need to petition…

Veterinarian checking the dog Information Services

APPA: Americans Would Spend More on Their Pets in 2018

Veterinary mailing labels and other promotional products would be more relevant in 2018, as the American Pet Products Association (APPA) expects spending on pets to increase by 3.7%. The increase would take place following a growing trend of more pet owners…

Women crying and hugging each other Information Services

Sharing Your Pain with People Who Listen

Everybody goes through the experience of losing a loved-one. This fact, though, does not discount the pain that we feel. Undergoing the different stages of grief will help provide the closure we need. This is where professional counseling can help….

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Find Out if a Minimalist Lifestyle Is for You

“Less is enough” is is a phrase that you’ve probably heard before, especially from those who practice minimalism. And no, it’s not the post-World War II Western art movement. Minimalism is a lifestyle choice where you intentionally live with only the things…