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Sharing Your Pain with People Who Listen

Everybody goes through the experience of losing a loved-one. This fact, though, does not discount the pain that we feel. Undergoing the different stages of grief will help provide the closure we need. This is where professional counseling can help….

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Find Out if a Minimalist Lifestyle Is for You

“Less is enough” is is a phrase that you’ve probably heard before, especially from those who practice minimalism. And no, it’s not the post-World War II Western art movement. Minimalism is a lifestyle choice where you intentionally live with only the things…

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Going Global: Things to Know to Get Better Results

Ready to take your business international? If you think this is just about buying country-specific domains and adding more locations to your keyword list, you are wrong. There are plenty of considerations before you can take your business overseas. Here…

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Secrets to Stronger Marriages: Celebrate Thy Anniversary

Wedding anniversaries — a yearly occurrence that not everybody remembers in time to make the proper arrangements for expecting spouses. Some slip-ups now and then can be forgiven, though; people may forget the exact date, but the fond memories of…