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a girl opening the curtains The Handyman

How Window Treatments Can Help in Closing a Home Sale

Home sellers who plan to make a good first impression among prospective buyers shouldn’t ignore the impact of having attractive window treatments. There are different window treatments you can buy and install, ranging from blinds to window shutters. In NJ, for…

Modern bathroom with glass doors The Handyman

Shower Glass Doors: The Factors to Consider

Glass doors in your shower room give you the privacy you need. It also prevents water from the shower head from spilling into other parts of the bathroom. It’s a big problem when the glass door of your shower breaks….

a woman watching a person fixing a refrigerator At Your Service

4 Ways to Prevent Your Fridge from Malfunctioning

Your refrigerator is probably one of the most expensive and important appliances you have at home. It keeps your food safe and fresh, which is essential for your family’s nourishment. When something bad happens to your fridge, it’ll put everyone’s…

a man laying bricks The Handyman

What is the Best Way to Clean Brickwork?

Homeowners choose bricks for many reasons: they are durable, they look classy and they can withstand the harsh weather. In fact, about 90 per cent of construction in Australia use bricks not just for its beauty, but also for its…

Man painting the table The Handyman

Furniture Paint: The 3 Common Kinds

Furniture is an essential part of any room, and it needs to suits its use and has an aesthetic appeal. There are many ways of transforming your furniture into a masterpiece. The cheapest and arguably most efficient way, however, is…