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Bath, Somerset, England Travel and Leisure

Exploring Bath’s History and Architecture

Do you wonder where to spend your relaxation and holiday time? In Bath, you can take short breaks, do several activities, and visit several attractions and sites. You could also stay in several hotels, bed and breakfast inns, and hostels…

Old abandoned mansion in mystic spooky forest Travel and Leisure

The History Behind Ghost Nights in Cornwall

Everybody loves a good ghost story. It gives you a pleasurable thrill, especially if you are with a group of people to make you feel safe. Ghost nights in Cornwall are tours designed to give you an extra rush. Perhaps…

Kids running Travel and Leisure

Travelling with Large Groups: 4 Useful Tips

Travelling with a group is like experiencing two sides of the coin at the same time. It is fun because you get to spend time with a lot of people who matter, but at the same time, it is undeniably…