Changing Times: Wearing Braces, No Longer Hideous


Braces“Metal-mouth” is just one of the insults you would get back then if you wore braces. Years ago, wearing them is associated with being a nerd. It can be embarrassing, especially when you have to smile for the camera. Some wearers may have developed a half-smile just so they do not have to show what they have under. This may also be why some people do not want to wear braces. Fast-forward to present, the treatment towards orthodontics has changed. Here’s why.

Status Symbol

Fashion paved the way for the changing culture toward braces. You would think that you have to be perfect to walk high fashion runways. Some models such as Charlie James and Kitty Hayes proudly wear theirs while still booking shoots and shows. It has become a trend, and more young people are now changing their views. It also positions the dental equipment as a status symbol as people may think you have to have money to undergo orthodontics.

Hollywood Smile

Everyone wants to have that perfect smile. Movies and television have always portrayed perfect looking teenagers with bright set of teeth. Now with high-quality cosmetic braces, anyone can get the look they want for their teeth. Having a great smile is an asset to most people. They believe it can get them more dates or get the jobs they want. Capturing that Hollywood smile is a goal for many younger people now.

Orthodontic procedures aim to straighten misaligned teeth caused by irregular growth or overcrowding. Teeth tend not to grow perfectly when you still had milk teeth as a child. Braces corrects crooked teeth and puts them back in line with others to give you a straight smile. Orthodontists provide you with choices on how they would look on your teeth. You can choose from a range of colours and express yourself.