Choosing the Right Orthodontist

Orthodontic TreatmentFinding the right orthodontist is an important decision. It is recommended that you do not wait until your child is old enough for orthodontic treatment. The American Association of Orthodontists suggests that the optimal age for a child to first visit an orthodontist in order to determine any possible dental problems is 7 years old. However, an increasing number of adults are equally benefiting by visiting the orthodontist. An orthodontist will use various diagnostic tools such as a full medical and dental history, plaster models of your mouth and x-rays in order to determine whether you require orthodontic treatment. The most common reason for visiting the orthodontist is the same for children and adults – the treatment of malocclusion (misaligned, crooked or overcrowded teeth in the jaw bone).

Orthodontic treatment can guarantee a healthier mouth, boosted confidence in your smile and appearance, and teeth bound to last a lifetime. However, not all dentists can perform orthodontics. Most general dentists may be able to treat minor orthodontic problems but complicated cases are often referred to a specialist. An orthodontist is essentially a dentist that specialises in orthodontics. This specialisation is achieved with three extra years of education on top of a standard dental degree. Northlight Dental offers the highest standards of orthodontic treatment provided by Dr. Neha Passan, an experienced orthodontist, and member of the British Orthodontic Society and European Orthodontic Society.

The right orthodontist can make things much easier for the patient especially if the latter is a child. You should start by asking your dentist, family and friends for personal recommendations and you may wish to expand your queries to your local community. It is essential that you obtain a list of licensed, certified orthodontists and verify their credentials and experience if necessary. A great way to start is by looking into websites and reading online reviews. When you decide on a specific orthodontist, you should book an appointment for consulting. Certain orthodontists will offer free consults in order to determine your individual problem and discuss recommended treatment options and associated costs. In addition to interviewing the orthodontist, you should pay attention to other factors such as office hours and accessibility for emergencies and advice at any stage of the treatment.