Clearing Up the Rules on Illinois’s Marijuana Legalization


MarijuanaTo be clear from the outset, Illinois only legalized medical cannabis and not its recreational use. Yet, many pro-marijuana activists and politicians see the new law as a step toward decriminalizing the plant entirely. But, for now, the Prairie State has to make do with what they have.

Just like California, people from Illinois have to possess a special photo ID allowing them to buy from dispensaries. The state actually has permitted a company to start growing pot. The act has been legal for two years, but only now has legislators moved forward to legalizing it.

As optimistic as it is, experts say that it’ll be years before the state completely allow recreational use legally. Yet the punishment for carrying small amounts of cannabis went from $2,500 and a year in jail to a $125 fine. Nonetheless, Illinois firm would want to ensure that residents are clear about the rules of cannabis possession.


To get a medical marijuana ID, you must provide fingerprints and know the costs of buying state-inspected cannabis. On the other hand, the physician and the patient must have a professional relationship so that the doctor can provide an accurate recommendation.


Owning a medical marijuana ID will cost up to $150 per year, and $125 for caregivers who need to obtain pot for their clients. The state still wouldn’t provide fingerprint scanning, letting private vendors handle the need for fingerprinting. That adds a further $60. On the other hand, holders of Social Security disability pay less at $75 a year.

As for the conditions covered, there will be a public hearing this October to iron out the issues. The convention will discuss the addition of debilitating conditions, among other things.

Most of the facts of this new law require legal assistance. So, if you’re getting a card for you or a loved one, make sure to consult with a legal professional. Whether it’s about clearing some misunderstandings or you want to know more about the process, they have the acumen to help with your situation.

Jose Mujica, Uruguay’s pauper former president, said it best when dealing with pot. He states he couldn’t leave pot users in the hand of drug traffickers, and that it’s the same with other intoxicating substances, such as wine and cigarettes. In a few years, Illinois will follow suit in ensuring that people get their dose of cannabis, legally or recreationally.