Cosmetic Braces: Are They Just for Show or Do They Do More?

Cosmetic Braces

Cosmetic BracesYou most likely have seen North London dental offices offering cosmetic braces. You probably have some idea on what these dental braces are, and because of this, you dismiss it as just being purely for cosmetic reasons.

Although the term ‘cosmetic’ refers to how these orthodontic appliances alter a patient’s appearance in the best possible way, they do have functions other than making someone look better.

The goals of cosmetic braces

Cosmetic braces, as the term already suggests, is a type of orthodontic appliance designed to improve the wearer’s facial appearance, particularly their smile. What makes them different from traditional metal wire and bracket braces is the colour – those primarily for cosmetics are either colourless, transparent, or white. Basically, one criterion for a brace to be called ‘cosmetic’, explains, is that it should be discreet.

These appliances are one of your several other options to the conventional ‘train track’ braces. You may choose to get these braces to makeover your smile or ensure that your facial characteristics remain as flawless as possible.

In either case, the goal of cosmetic braces is to straighten your teeth, improve their looks, enhance your smile, all the while being as discreet as possible.

Most common types of cosmetic braces

Thanks to the improvements in orthodontic dentistry, you now have a wide array of braces to choose from. These include the Invisalign, ClearStep, Inman, and Damon braces. Just in case you cannot wait for a year to improve your smile, you may want to take a closer look at the Six Month Smiles braces, which can do wonders to your teeth and their alignment in just half a year.

Many North Londoners opt for these braces because of how fast they produce results. They considerably hasten the alignment correction period, requiring less time for the teeth to move into their proper or desired places.

Highly qualified and experienced North London orthodontists are knowledgeable in cosmetic braces and can help you have a more beautiful, straighter teeth, so consult with one as soon as you can.