Being Courteous at a Fireworks Display

people watching fireworks

Fireworks displays are often the most awaited part of any celebration, and expect that people are going to stream down a designated venue if there’s going to be a show. The bulk of people should not render you impatient. There is always time for courtesy. Below are some unspoken protocols that will make sure everyone has a good time, whether it’s a cheap fireworks display or an extravagant one.

people watching fireworks

Don’t Bring Your Pets

Bringing pets to a fireworks display may cause some troubles. Fireworks can stress your pets, and they might cause a scene by making distressed noises.

Give Your Kids a Heads Up

Tell your kids not to play around while the show is going on. Make them understand that their noise can distract people and spoil their viewing pleasure.

Set Your Mobile Phones to Silent Mode

Usually, fireworks displays are accompanied by stellar musical pieces, which audiences want to relate to. As a courtesy, put your smartphones and other electronic devices on silent mode so that they won’t blend with the background music.

Don’t Light Your Own Fireworks

As a respect to the workers of the show, you might want to hold off blasting your own fireworks. Organising the synchronisation of the fireworks display takes a lot of time, and you don’t want to deface the beauty of the sequence by blasting off your cheap fireworks.