Custom Ceiling Ideas: Here’s How Plasterboard can Help


CeilingThe ceiling is one of the more overlooked parts of the house. Everyone knows about doors, walls, floors, windows, roofs, and how to personalise them. What about the ceiling and how it can make your house look unique?

Have a custom ceiling made from a gypsum product, like plasterboard.


Plasterboard is basically a sheet of gypsum that is in between two sheets of lining paper. Use this for your ceiling by having someone cut and attach the design. The only limits to the possible designs are your creativity and the skill of the person to install your ceiling.

Think of it as a larger version of paper cutting art. There are hundreds of paper art designs and you have as many options when it comes to designing the ceiling.

Even commercial establishments can customise their ceilings. says custom ceiling options are available for commercial applications, including different surface finishes and panel systems.


Since gypsum releases water when exposed to fire, using plasterboard on your ceiling can help in lowering the temperature in the case of a fire. This prevents the fire from spreading too fast.

It also helps lessen the noise that goes out of the house. With houses built closer to one another, use soundproofing materials to ensure that your house is not disturbing your neighbours.

Note that the plasterboard will not stop the fire altogether or cancel out noise completely, though.


Avoid using the plasterboard in places reached by too much water, like the bathroom or the kitchen. You might not want to use it in a place that tends to get very humid.

Make sure to inspect your roof for leaks to avoid getting the ceiling wet, in case you do use plasterboard.

There are a number of materials you can use to personalise the ceiling and plasterboard is just one of them. Look around and see what else you can find.

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