What Defines Modern Homes?

modern homes

modern homesModern homes are all the rage among homeowners. While traditional homes look well in the countryside, modern homes echo the spirit of modern urban living. You can see their popularity in the number of stylish homes around the metro.

What exactly makes a house “modern”? How do we separate them from conventional housing designs?

If you have been looking for home designs in your search for your dream house, you probably have come across the words “modern” and “contemporary” to describe homes. Although styles may overlap at times, each one has its own set of qualities.

Here is a look at the characteristics that define modern homes.

Appeal & Functionality

Modern homes are characterised by functionality as it is by appeal. Take windows, for instance. You do not need to make use of long drapes that are difficult to clean. Modern homes often have window shutters instead of conventional curtains because these have the touch of appeal and functionality while requiring little maintenance at the same time.

Patterns & Textures

Modern home designs make use of patterned or textured walls. These add new dimensions to rooms that blend seamlessly with the home’s overall look. Ideally, homeowners can make use of solid, striped, geometric, or abstract patterns for maximum effect. While they incorporate patterns and textures, the overall idea with modern designs is that these are minimalist. This way, homes do not have a cluttered effect.

Economy & Space

Another distinct characteristic of modern home designs is their economy of space. Modern home designers make sure that not a square foot is wasted. Though some designs may incorporate large open spaces, such as in modern living rooms, these generally do not give rooms that have a crowded feel. These are perfect for compact modern furniture pieces.

Modern homes echo the style and functionality of the modern city lifestyle. Keep these characteristics in mind to go for a modern look to your home.

Readers Comments (3)

  1. Does “modern” always mean “minimalist”? I always relate the two. I’m sure though that there are always exceptions.

  2. Annette G. Stewart November 10, 2014 @ 5:39 am

    I guess the key here is starting off with a theme first. Otherwise you just get a confusing layout.

  3. William L. Vasquez November 10, 2014 @ 6:01 am

    With the variety of designs to choose from, it can be overwhelming. Best to consult an expert if you have money to burn.

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