Disabled by Accident? Regain Your Independence

Man's Leg Being Casted

The chance of having a disability after a car accident can be as high as 87%. If you have been a victim of a road traffic accident (RTA), mobility aids can help you regain your life.

Australia has a very high speed limit for urban areas, exceeding that of many other countries. Pedestrians are at special risk because while they only account for around 15% of RTAs, over 80% of them sustain life-changing injuries or result in fatalities while attempting to cross the road.

Living with Disability

Head and neck injuries and damage or loss of limbs are some of the causes of disability after RTA. Once leaving the hospital, learning to live with restricted mobility can be challenging, but with help from rehabilitation experts and mobility equipment suppliers, an independent life can be possible.

Home Modifications

Some of the modifications that can be made around the home include:

Patient Lifting Hoists – These help personal assistants lift the person in and out of bed or the bath.
Bath Boards and Bath Lifts – A bath board is a simple bench that disabled people can use to get into the bath without having to step over the side. A bath lift has a remote control and the user can lower themselves into the tub at the press of a button.
Grab Handles – Grab handles can be fixed to the walls on either side of the toilet and next to the bathtub. These help the person to stand up and reduce the risk of falling.
Seat Cushions – Padded cushions raise the height of seats to reduce joint pains and make it easier to stand up from a seated position.
Electric Wheelchairs – An electric wheelchair can be used in and out of the house. These power wheelchairs are faster and take less physical effort to get around. Mobility scooters are another option.

RTAs can be life altering, but with the right help, support and mobility products, people with disabilities can live a full life.