DIY Brake Disc Replacement

auto repair

A warped brake can make even short car trips around Salt Lake City or Murray frustrating. Each time you apply the brakes, you think you’re going to lose a filling. Fortunately, brake discs are affordable and easy to replace that you can even do it yourself.

auto repair

To replace your brake disc, follow these basic auto repair instructions:

Remove the Brake Caliper

This is similar to replacing the brake pads. Once you’ve unbolted the caliper, hang it out of the way using a bungee cord or similar hanger to avoid unbolting the brake line.

Remove the Carrier

The carrier is the structure that holds the caliper and pads in place. This is similar to removing the caliper; simply remove the two bolts on the back, and it’s off.

Remove the Old Brake Disc

One or two sets of screws on the front hold the old brake disc in place. Use a large Phillips head screwdriver to unscrew the bolt or bolts holding the disc in place. There are times when the screws may be stripped or damaged. When this happens, drill them out.

Once you’ve taken out the screws, slide the old disc off the hub. If it’s stubborn, give it a few taps with a dead blow hammer to loosen it.

Place the New Brake Disc

Once you’re removed the old brake disc, slide the new disc into place and then replace the screws.

Before you start working on your brake disc, make sure the jack stands are supporting your car properly. Never do auto repairs on your car while only an emergency tire-changing jack is supporting it. If you keep this safety tip in mind, any repair you do will have a higher rate of success.