DIY Garage Door Maintenance: How to Inspect for Potential Problems

Garage Door in Oak LawnYou could easily conduct simple garage door system maintenance and safety checks by yourself. However, if you’re not comfortable conducting the following checks on your own, call for professional help.

Monthly Visual Check

Stand in your garage with door fully closed and inspect the springs, pulleys, cables, rollers, as well as mounting hardware like hinges for indications of damage or normal wear. If you spot something amiss, such as frayed cables or loose hardware, you could have a bigger issue.

Monthly Test for Reversing Mechanism (for doors with automatic openers)

Place a piece of wood in the center of the door opening in the portion where the garage door comes in contact with the floor. Use the automatic opener for closing the door. Upon striking the wood, the garage door must reverse automatically.

Monthly Test for Balance (for doors with automatic openers)

Close your garage door and disengage the automatic opener. If you could lift the door manually, do so. It must lift with little resistance and must stay completely open.

Monthly Photo Eye Inspection (for doors with automatic openers)

With your garage door completely open, use the wall button or transmitter to close it. A garage door service technician from suggests you wave a broomstick or something similar directly in front of the photo eyes of the door in order to “break the beam.” Your garage door must reverse automatically.

Monthly Force Setting Check (for doors with automatic openers)

With your garage door completely open, use the automatic opener to close it. While it’s closing, hold the bottom portion of the door with stiff and outstretched hands. In the event that it doesn’t reverse automatically and continues closing, pull away your hands immediately.

Twice Yearly Lubrication

You should make it a point to apply lubricant on your garage door’s tracks, rollers, and hinges every six months or as needed.

For safety purposes, it’s a great idea to tell everyone in your house when you’re doing your monthly garage door inspections, and that no one should open or close it until you’re done with the inspections. Lastly, if you see anything wrong with your garage door while conducting your checks, call a specialist for professional diagnosis and repair.