Down the Dunny: Weirdest Things Going Down the Drain

Toilet in New ZealandToilets are meant for flushing excrements and yet, people are stubborn and flush whatever they want down the drain. The things found in sewers range from the normal to the bizarre.

What Goes Down Might Come Back Up

According to, flushing whatever you want down the loo can clog your drains and cause problems to your toilet and house. Toilet problems can range from clogs to slow drainage, both of which require immediate attention. In different parts of New Zealand, bizarre things have been found clogging toilets – and if the flush was successful, some of them even made it to the sewers.

Some items that make it to wastewater can cause damage and breakdowns to the city’s pumping stations – and to think that this big of a problem started out by flushing something as ordinary as a t-shirt.

One of the emerging causes of drain blockage is people’s increasing use of wet wipesThe blockage may result in the sewage overflowing to the street and resulting in environmental pollution.

The Most Bizarre Things Found in NZ’s Sewers

Some people use their toilets to get rid of their rubbish by flushing them down the loo. Some of the things they throw in their toilets are so ridiculous that it is a wonder how some of those even fit and pass through pipes.

Some of the strangest objects found clogging drains and wastewater include an overhead projector, false teeth, syringes, asthma inhalers, bath towels, cell phones, bed sheets, small toys, concrete and colostomy bags. Some of these have also been listed as items forbidden to be flushed down a toilet.

Just because it fits in the toilet and through the pipes does not mean you should flush it. As much as possible, keep the flushing exclusive to poo and pee, as even tissue and wet wipes can clog the drain. You would not want your excrement going back up now, do you?