Entertaining Out-of-Town Guests: Art of Preparation

Entertaining Out-of-Town GuestsEntertaining out-of-town guests is an art form you learn and master. These guests are not the friends you have over for a beer or a go at the PlayStation now and then; those friends don’t expect anything special because they’re practically family when it comes to sharing your personal space. Out-of-town guests are the ones you want to impress a little bit, especially if they’re your in-laws, pun intended.

Here are some tactics to help you impress and make them feel at home: 

Prepare the guest room

A guest room doesn’t usually enjoy the same care and cleaning you give your own bedroom, but right now it’s a special time. Clean it out thoroughly. Put some new sheets on the bed, fresh blankets and pillowcases. Check if the heat is comfortable. Leave a reasonable amount of space in the closet, with a few hangers for your guest’s clothes. Hang some clean curtains. Make the room as comfortable as possible.

Clean the bathroom

Whether it’s a separate bathroom or a shared one, you have to make it absolutely clean. Guests usually save their judgment of the homeowner until they see the bathroom. It doesn’t matter how organised the rest of the house is, if the bathroom is a mess. Scrub it to a shine. Hang some fresh towels. Don’t forget to add a few things like a new pack of disposable razors, a spare toothbrush for every guest, a new tube of toothpaste, spare toilet paper and several new bars of soap. This will show your guests how thoughtful you are especially if they’d forgotten to pack their own toiletries.

Treat them to a delicious meal

It would be perfect if you’re a great home cook. Your guests would appreciate a delicious meal every time. But if you live by your microwave, don’t force your guests to do the same. Take them out and let them experience the finest steak in thealliancehotel.com.au, then invite them for coffee at a nice place too. It doesn’t have to be pricey or fancy, but it should be delicious.

Being a good host or hostess is about anticipating and making plans way ahead of time. Your guests will enjoy their time at your place more if you treat them to some real hospitality.