Euphoria with Cocaine is Short Lived, But its Effects Aren’t

Cocaine in Farmington

Cocaine in FarmingtonOne of the most commonly abused substances in the United States is cocaine. Cocaine use continues to rise every single year. This powerful and very addictive stimulant produces euphoric sensations when ingested. And while a lot of people feel good, some experience highly unpleasant sensations. The euphoria lasts for a short time, ranging anywhere from half an hour to 45 minutes.

In a nutshell, cocaine can make a person experience pleasant sensations, but these last only for a short time. The health effects – physical, mental, and emotional – are not as short, though.

Cocaine can kill

The worst thing that can happen when someone use cocaine is death. Because cocaine restricts the blood vessels while speeding up the heart, these cardiovascular effects can lead to deaths. Even when taken in very small doses, this drug can kill a person.

How cocaine is used

There are many different ways people use cocaine

The most common form of cocaine is the powder. Most individuals who use cocaine snort it (inhale the powder through their nose). The nasal tissue then absorbs it. Some also dissolved cocaine in water and inject it into their bloodstream.

Crack, another form of cocaine, takes the form of a rock crystal, which people can then smoke. Users heat up the crystal to produce vapors, which the blood stream then absorbs via the lungs.

Cocaine abuse

Because cocaine only produces short-term effects, people sustain their high through repetitive use. Since the body can adapt and become immune, users have to increase their dosage. This practice can then lead to addiction.

Treating and rehabilitation

Cocaine abuse does not only result in addiction; it can also lead to numerous health problems, even life-threatening conditions. Know that there are many people who can help, professionals who specialize in the treatment and counseling of cocaine abusers.

When you or anyone you care for has a cocaine problem, make sure you contact a substance abuse treatment facility in Farmington as soon as possible. Cocaine addiction can ruin health and lives. Put a stop on it as early as possible.