Fiberglass Pools: Cool Pool on a Hot Budget!


One good way to cool off is by staying in the pool for long hours. Among the many different kinds of swimming pools, your best choice would be an affordable fiberglass pool. Pools made of this material are durable and resistant to algae. Some people, however, think this pool type is pricy. Thankfully, you can buy fiberglass pools at competitive rates if you follow these simple tips:

Buy a small-sized pool

Just because a fiberglass pool may cost a bit more than the regular does not mean that you’ll have to settle for a low quality pool shell. Compromising the quality will only be a problem in the long run. Instead, choose a smaller sized pool which will save you not only the pool cost but also the cost of the labor required in installing it.



Another way to cut down the total cost of buying a fiberglass pool would be to install it yourself. As pool kits include everything you need to set up the pool, you can get most of the work done yourself. Even if you account for the plumbing and electric contracts, fixing other things related to the pool shell yourself will save you plenty.

Reduce the Extra stuff

It’s not necessary for pool contractors to include accessories in their quotation. If they do, get the best price you can. Otherwise, buy only those that are essential for making your pool time more enjoyable. On the other hand, some pool sellers may give you a heavier discount if you buy accessories.

Off season Installation

Don’t wait until summer to have your pool installed. Instead, have it all set up during winter when contractors face no customer competition. By doing this, you can save loads on installation charges. Another good way to purchase affordable fiberglass pools is to contact a few wholesale dealers.