Food Fight! Quality or Quantity?

Food SourcingIt is a known fact in the restaurant business that sourcing food is a serious matter. Restaurants draw their business in preparing and serving meals to customers. It follows that what goes in the dishes they serve factor hugely in business success.

Sourcing is the practice of obtaining the raw ingredients from suppliers and distributors. It is a logistical matter that’s key to maintaining a restaurant menu’s quality, consistency, identity and of course, availability.

There are generally two ways to source foodstuff. The first one is to obtain it from specific producers and suppliers such as farmers. Naturally these are regarded as high-quality stock. The second is buying ingredients from general wholesalers. Depending on the restaurant’s operations and policies, one can go anywhere in between. But what are the pros and cons of each? Here are the two sides of the coin.


Sourcing ingredients from specific producers such as farmers’ markets have many benefits. You can be assured of the ingredients’ quality and freshness. This is handy if you’re dealing with perishables such as fruits and vegetables. In this regard, it’s a good idea to develop rapport with the farmers. This way, you get the pick of their produce. You can also bank on the farm-to-table concept that is receiving a growing following recently.

While sourcing ingredients from high-quality producers can be all well and good, as well as noble, it does have its drawbacks. One disadvantage is your supplier may not be able to meet demands of large quantities. If you plan to hold a mass cooking operation, start a large chain of restaurants or a franchise that can have up to thousands of customers a day, you may have to supplement your sources with mass-produced ones.

En Masse

Someone once said that quantity is a quality in itself. In the restaurant business, that is true. When the local producers cannot give you enough stock for your business’ demand, you will have to turn to store-bought ingredients.

There are many food companies in Sydney that can provide these ingredients wholesale. The advantage of getting wholesale food in Sydney is not only can it meet the quantitative demands of the business, but it can also ensure consistency. Some wholesale ingredients are also available all year.

With these two sides presented, the key is to find the right balance hat will suit your restaurant’s market, size and identity.