Freo Festivals: Happenings You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

Street Parade in FreoHeading to Freo anytime soon? Try planning your trip around an upcoming festival. Festivals celebrate a place’s culture, and this is the perfect event for you to get familiar with the place. Whether you are migrating to or visiting a certain place, taking part in these is a good way of adapting to your new or temporary home. It also gives you memories that will last a lifetime.

Fremantle has a number of festivals to celebrate all year round, making it a good place to start. Below, provides a list of festivals to watch out for this year:

Fremantle Street Arts Festival

This is a three-day celebration of street performances. It exhibits comedy, circus, busking, street theatre, and many more to entertain both locals and visitors. It will be a great experience for art enthusiasts and those looking for fun and entertainment during their visit to Freo.

This year, there will be performers from the UK, the US, Japan, Cuba, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, and many others.

Fremantle Heritage Festival

Trace back Freo’s roots and take in its diverse culture. There is definitely something for everyone to look forward to. From Rock shows and choral singing to fine wine, this festival will cater to your fancy.

The Seas Shanties and Convict Tales are part of this. They will bring life to the stories of the past through an enchanting storytelling of shipwrecks, love, and daring rescues paired with acoustic sounds.

Hidden Treasures – Winter Music Series

For all the music lovers out there, this might be your chance. All Thursdays of July will be filled with music as artists from Fremantle and those who just love performing there take the stage.

Fremantle Festival

From 28 October to 6 November, join the fun as Fremantle pays tribute to their local arts and culture scene.

Included in the celebration are the Street Parade, Wardarnji Aboriginal Culture Festival, Children’s Fiesta, and the Norfolk Lanes Youth Festival.

Travelling gives you a chance to experience another place’s culture. Don’t pass on these opportunities. Make memories that you will want to share with others.