A Fresh Start: Building Your Dream Home the Frugal Way

House in construction

When it comes to building a home, no one wants to pay more than the actual budget. It would be preferable to cut back on expenses in any construction project. Frugality should not equal sacrifice, though. If you want to have really nice things, splurge strategically.

Here are a few ways to save money without compromising on the dream home you want:

Communicate with the pros

Only the experts know how to save money on construction, so consult an experienced homebuilder. Tell them what you want and be specific. Constant communication with your builder is important, as it will save you from having arguments in the end. Hire the right builders, so you will not end up too worried about the total cost.

House in construction

Know when to spend

You are not going to save some money if you need to renovate an area in just a few months. That means avoiding costly mistakes. The secret to this problem is considering your costs at every step of the project. Focus on long-term cost, not first-time cost. For instance, you can save a bundle with low-cost windows or doors, but when you factor in the cost to replace them twice in 2-3 years, they can become impractical.

Look around for designs

Take inspiration from design magazines; visit as many homes as you can for a better perspective. If you can find a newly developed subdivision in Townsville or Cairns, they may have some model homes that can give you great ideas. You do not really need a three-car garage if you only have two vehicles. If you are counting on the extra space for storage, consider other areas such as the attic or the space under the staircase.

From discussing plans with your homebuilder to sorting out the budget, you can stay within your budget by following these three tips.