Fun Activities for Elderly People


SeniorHuman brain follows the rule ‘use it or lose it’. So it is important to use your brain actively even after retirement. The fact is that, using the brain actively becomes more important as you age. Senior citizens need to keep themselves alert both physically and mentally, so that they remain healthy. According to, there are affordable health care services that include providing seniors with activities to keep them healthy and active. This helps them lead a fuller life.

  • Active after retirement

When you retire from professional work and have no hobbies to fall back on, then your mind will no longer be sharp and you will feel the adverse effects of inactivity on your body soon. It is best to have some hobbies that you can pursue more seriously after retirement. If not, then there are many group activities for elderly in Singapore and other such cities. The elders can take part in these activities to keep themselves cheerful and active.

  • Moving around

It is good to keep moving around and doing small chores around the house. This will be a kind of exercise for you physically and keep you mentally sound. You can adhere to a strict walking regimen that you follow twice a day to remain healthy and active. This will also help you keep in touch with neighbours, friends and other elderly people. If you are fit enough you can also walk your pet dog daily.

  • Other fun activities

The other activities ideal for the elderly is for them to join a group who are into craft, writing, dramatics, sewing, photography, music or even adventure. They can join a book club where each one of them can discuss a book they have read. If you are fit enough, then you can even pursue non-strenuous games such as golf or board games such as carom or chess. Gardening is another hobby that can be cultivated after retirement.

In fact, sky is the limit for such activities for the elderly if they put their mind to it. The bottom line is that they should enjoy themselves and remain happy.