Furniture Paint: The 3 Common Kinds

Man painting the table

Furniture is an essential part of any room, and it needs to suits its use and has an aesthetic appeal. There are many ways of transforming your furniture into a masterpiece. The cheapest and arguably most efficient way, however, is using paint. Painting furniture is not easy and requires diligence.

You should first ensure you hire a Park City company like with expertise in furniture paint. You will also need to select the best furniture paint for your pieces. Here are some of the common types you can pick.

Chalk Paint

This furniture paint has a soft matte finish and requires minimal surface prep work. It dries up fast and is simple to distress making it the ideal option for those looking for a shabby-chic appearance. Chalk paint is however quite costly, and its brush strokes might be evident if not applied well. Chalk paint is the perfect choice for a rustic matter or super flat surface finish.

Latex Paint

This is the least expensive furniture paint available. It comes in flat, semi-gloss, satin, eggshell and gloss sheens hence giving you a broader option to select from. Latex furniture paint is also not very durable and peels, chips and scratches very easily.

Milk Paint

This paint is world-renowned for a chippy finish, but it is versatile and can create a variety of finishes. Milk paint is made with all-natural ingredients and hence is healthy and eco-friendly. It also penetrates unfinished wood surfaces, unlike other paints which might just settle on the surface. Milk paint is prone to premature chipping over time if not mixed with a bonding agent.

Acrylic paint levels magnificently and unlike milk and chalk paint requires no top coat. You can, however, add a top layer for extra durability. Acrylic paint can be distressed but will not appear as beautiful on distressed furniture as chalk paint. It is ideal for simple furniture pieces.