Garage Door Safety: Top 3 Problems and the Solutions

photo of two mean in a blue suit installing a garage door

When fixing garage door problems, repair experts might take their time. The speed of the service usually depends on the issue at hand. Some complications may just need simple troubleshooting. To prevent small things from escalating, you must be aware of the common problems associated with garage doors. A trusted provider of garage door repair service in Utah cites some of them.

1. A setback with the keypad or remote control

Some doors open and close with the help of a mounted keypad, while others operate via a remote control. When you click or press without the expected result and moving closer does not improve the situation, consider the possibility of a damage to the motor unit or antenna. If you can check the battery, do so.

If replacing the battery does not resolve the problem, the programming of the keypad or remote control might need a reboot. If no one in the household can troubleshoot it, then it’s best to call the professional immediately.

2. A mishap involving torsion springs

When the weather is cold, the springs might not work as well as they should. If you neglect maintenance, don’t be surprised if the springs seem to groan at the weight of the heaviest door in the house. Mechanical parts reach a point of fatigue. Wear and tear is a real concern with garage door torsion springs. Worn out springs will break soon.

If there are no safety cables installed, you must not waste time. Let professionals replace the spring before it snaps.

3. A sensor misadventure

Door sensors provide a security blanket. These safety features keep the door from going down on a pet or a forgetful homeowner. A red light indicates a problem. Sometimes, resetting the system changes the light to green. A malfunctioning sensor puts everyone at risk. Call someone who can fix it quickly.

Always keep your family and your belongings safe. If you are dedicated to solving a problem that affects the biggest door in your home right now, then you must find a reliable company to back you up.