Getting Ready for Your Summer Body

Beautiful woman in a bikini

If you’re going on holiday and want to lose weight, there are tried and tested ways to drop a dress size. Try these weight loss tips for quick results.

Summer is looming and with it the annual holiday, but if you want to look your best in your summer swimsuit, you need to work out and shed pounds. So before you purchase your summer swimsuit, here are some ways you can do to prepare.

Cut Out Processed Foods

That ready-made dinner or frozen pie may seem healthy, but appearances can be deceptive. A quick check of the ingredients will usually reveal a high content of saturated fats and sugar, both of which can make people pile on the pounds.

Don’t Skip Meals

Skipping meals is a standard feature of many crash diet plans but could only make people gain weight. This is because when the body has inadequate nourishment, it stores fat to keep the body nourished. An inadequate intake of good fats will also cause cravings for fatty foods.

Use a Side-Plate

Don’t overfill the dinner plate. One reason people gain weight is that their portion sizes are too large. Use a side or sandwich plate for the main meal.

Eat More Beans

The inclusion of more beans or peas as part of a controlled diet plan will help speed up weight loss. This is because they are anti-inflammatory. It is now known that obesity can result from chronic low-grade inflammation and may be part of an inflammatory disease, so eating foods that combat inflammation can help people stay slim.

Drink More Water

Dehydration causes the body to retain fluids as a survival mechanism, making people seem puffy. It also impacts metabolism. For a healthy weight, an adult should drink an average of 3 liters of water a day. Swapping coffee for green tea can also cause weight loss by increasing energy expenditure.

When you follow these simple diet modification tips, you can prepare for your summer holidays looking and feeling your best.