Getting Yeeth that Work like Teeth

A woman with a healthy teeth and gums

Teeth are pretty complicated body parts. They have an outer surface of enamel (which is porous), then a layer of dentin and inside that a pulp that contains nerves. They are anchored into the jaw with either one or 3 roots and there is as much tooth root below the gumline as there is chewing and biting crown above it.

Teeth have to look great, not succumb to rot through being in a permanently wet environment and they have to be able to withstand the powerful forces created by chewing without getting worn away or splitting or wobbling around. Knowing all that, it becomes easier to see why it took centuries for dentists to come up with a good replacement for lost teeth, and now that they have, why dental implants in St John’s Wood are so darn popular. They can be found at various dental clinics, including Aura Dental.

In St John’s Wood, dental implants have become most people’s first choice for replacement teeth because this latest generation of restoration is just so much more effective than older types such as dentures and fixed bridges.

Here are some of the benefits that dental implants in St John’s Wood offer:

Effective biting and chewing

Dental implants stay in place during eating. They can withstand up to 200lbs or 97kg of pressure, which is more than enough to cope with a good steak, or nuts, or biting into a fresh apple. The implants do this by being naturally bonded to the jawbone.

They are easy to keep clean

Dental implants cannot decay like natural teeth. All the patient has to do to keep them clean is brush and floss carefully around them twice a day and get them regularly cleaned by a hygienist to remove any plaque that is building up. Dental implants stay in the mouth.

They are long-lasting

Because the implant posts integrate with the jawbone, they can last for at least 15 years, and it’s not at all uncommon for them to keep going for decades. Sometimes the porcelain crowns can wear out, but these are easily replaced.