Going Global: Things to Know to Get Better Results

Ready to take your business international? If you think this is just about buying country-specific domains and adding more locations to your keyword list, you are wrong. There are plenty of considerations before you can take your business overseas.

Here are some noteworthy considerations:

Paid Search Is Your Best Friend

When you’re targeting bigger markets, you’re not just going to rely on your current Google rankings. In fact, you should not rely on just Google alone. What is consistent these days, however, is that the leading search engine offers internet marketing. SEO Werkz notes that your search engine marketing efforts should consider paid search, whether you’re based in Utah and going international, or you’re based overseas and wanting to penetrate the Utahn market.

Localized Content Is the Way to Go

It’s easy to write content if you don’t pay attention to quality. It’s also easy to write content in English and expect the rest of the world to adjust. That is if you don’t care about what your clients think at all. The reality is they want the easiest and most relevant options. That means content should make sense for them and not require them to look at a map–or a dictionary. If your clients are in Utah, write about Utah. If your clients are non-English speakers, offer content in their native language.

Mind the Internet Speed

Loading time matters wherever you are. Internet speeds vary, however. Some territories may have slow internet speeds that cripple your page loading time. You need to work on-site optimization, especially if you’re catering to a mostly-mobile market. They need content, and they need it fast. If your website does not load quickly, they will look for an alternative source of information. That means you’ve just lost a potential client, all because you thought your pages would load as quickly as they do when you test from your office.

Taking your business global is a big deal, literally. There are important things to consider from one location to another.