Guide to Keeping Your Braces in Check

A woman's teeth with braces

The moment you get braces, you’re in for a long commitment. It’s going to take months before you can live life without braces again. With such a long road ahead of you, it’s best to take care of your braces as early as you get it.

Professionals in orthodontics in Stafford, VA share some tips on taking care of dental braces.

Take the Time to Floss

This is going to be tough and sometimes painful, but flossing is a great way to keep your braces in good condition. Doing it is an excellent way to keep gum disease at bay, as well as avoid other oral health conditions. If you’re not sure whether you’re flossing properly, it’s best to ask your dentist for some tips. Flossing may be a hassle, but it’s only for a few minutes per day and it’s going to be beneficial for you.

Watch What You Eat

Once you get braces, your diet changes a lot. No longer can you simply pick any food and eat it. Now, you must think if the food would stick to the wires or if it’s too hard to bite. You might want to ditch gum, caramel, toffee, and corn for a while, as these can be difficult to remove from the wire. These foods can also break wire brackets, so hold off on eating these as much as possible.

Bite and Chew Properly

While it is fun to scarf down huge servings of food, you would want to change this approach when wearing braces. Big bites make your front teeth vulnerable to damage. It’s also best to use your back teeth when chewing.

If you want to have straight teeth, the optimal way to achieve it is to wear braces and take care of it. Proper care for braces ensures that you won’t have to take more trips to the dentists than you should while also keeping your oral health in check.